Frequently Asked Questions at River's Edge


Please join us every Sunday at 10:00 AM Indoors or Online Live Stream on YouTube or Facebook. 


 [NOTE: The information below has not been updated to reflect our new Covid-19 realities. See above for our most recent updates.]


  • This is my first Sunday at River’s Edge. What should I expect?
    • Welcome! We are excited that you are visiting with us. Our dress is causal and our music is contemporary, so feel free to come as you are. We have one service at 10:00 AM.  When you do visit, we’d love to meet you. Swing by the Welcome Center in the main lobby and connect with a member of our team. We'd also encourage you to visit more than once. This will give you a better sense of who we are and a great chance to evaluate whether or not River’s Edge is the church you want to call home.
  • I’m new here. What do I do with my kids?
    • We have an amazing REC Kids program available at each service for kids ranging from nursery to the 6th grade. For security purposes, we ask you to check your kids in at one of our two REC Kids check-in stations, located in the the Children’s Worship Center (under the red awning) and in the main lobby. From there, your child will be escorted by one of our wonderful REC Kids volunteers to their age-appropriate ministry environment whether Nursery, Preschool Worship, Kinder Worship, or Kids Worship.
    • At check-in, you will receive a receipt with a number that corresponds to your child’s name tag. You will need to present this receipt at pick up. If it is your first time with us, you’ll also be asked to fill out a white Family Card, which will enable us to contact you in the case of an emergency.
  • Can I stay with my child?
    • Absolutely! Parents and guardians are welcome to sit in with their child at any REC Kids ministry environment. (The Nursery is the one exception. If you’d like to stay with your little one, we encourage you to use the Family Quiet Room next door.) Know that separation anxiety is normal for many children, especially when visiting new environments. If this is the case for your child, consider limiting your time with them in the classroom to under 10 minutes to allow them to get acclimated.
  • What if my kid is hurt, inconsolable, or has some other emergency?
    • Your child’s REC Kids leader will contact you via text message or phone call.
  • Can I keep my kids with me during the worship service?
    • Sure! If and when you are ready to bring them to their REC Kids ministry environment, just check them in at that time. If it is over 15 minutes after the start of the service, you will need to check them at the station in the Worship Center’s main lobby. From there, a member of our Welcome Team (they’ll be wearing a lanyard) can escort you to the appropriate classroom.
  • I have a nursing child. Is there a place for me to breastfeed or change a diaper?
    • We have a Family Quiet Room available for you just off the Worship Center’s main lobby. There are diaper changing stations in both main lobby restrooms.
  • Our children are in junior high or high school. Do you have something on Sunday mornings for them?
    • We encourage our junior high and high school students to participate in our regular Sunday worship services.  Many of our youth also partner with REC’s “Reach, Raise, Release” vision by serving the next generation in our REC Kids ministries. Also, we encourage your youth to participate at our Sunday Night Youth Group.  Contact Pastor Evan - for more info.
  • Excuse me—where are the restrooms?
    • Restrooms are located in the Worship Center’s main lobby and in the Children’s Worship Center. For security reasons, we reserve the restrooms in the Children’s Worship Center for children only.
  • Do you have a Lost and Found?
    • The general Lost and Found is in a chest in the Worship Center’s main lobby. There is a REC Kids Lost and Found near the REC Kids check-in station in the Children’s Worship Center.
  • Do you have any Bible studies or adult Sunday school classes on Sunday mornings?
    • We believe that being in community and studying the Bible with others is the best way to connect and grow at REC. Several small group Bible studies (we call them Life Groups) meet in our campus classrooms on Sunday mornings, primarily at the 9 o’clock hour. For more details, check out the church website or ask a member of our Welcome Team.
  • Do you have anyone who could pray for me?
    • It would be our privilege. You can share your requests with the Prayer Team via a Connection Card or email ( On Sunday mornings, the Prayer Team can be found in the Family Quiet Room before services or near the righthand side of the stage. Ask a member of our Welcome Team (they’ll be wearing a lanyard) to help you find them.