Life groups are small group gatherings where we talk, pray, discuss God’s word, and care for each other as we journey through life and faith together.

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To check out the groups and to sign up please go here. See below for more specific information and then go to the link above to sign up.
- Co-ed Group, 6:30pm Topic: Sermon Series, 1/3-1/31
- Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Course 1/18-3/18, 7-9pm (for more info check out this video) and to buy the material go here
- Women's Group, 6:30pm Topic: Sermon Series, 1/5-2/2
- Women's Group, 3pm Topic: Sermon Series, 1/6-2/3
- Women's Group, 6pm Topic: Kingdom Living, 1/6-4/7
- Men's Group, 6:30pm Topic: The Book of Galatians, 1/6-2/10
- 20's/30's, 7pm Topic: Sermon Series, 1/6-2/3
- Women's Group, 6:30pm Topic: The Book of Matthew, 1/7-5/27 
- Co-ed Group, 7pm Topic: Discovering God Through Music, 1/7-5/27
- Women's Group, 9:30am Topic: The Book of Daniel, 1/2-1/23

Life Group Instruction Video: Click Here


Join a life group today! Please click on the link above to see all the open and available Life Groups to join or download the Church Center app on your phone. For questions please contact Bethany Brigham at