Here at RESM, our desire is to see students walking into our ministry on a weekly basis, finding themselves in a place where they can relate, ask questions and find truth.

students14bOur goal is to equip them to take that truth into their school, family, world and in whatever realm they enter into, in order to show people who Jesus Christ is, and who He can be to them.

Come hear relevant messages that hit you where you're at and meet people who live in the same world that you do. On Sunday's, our large group discussion time bring an exciting and challenging environment for students to come and learn about their relationships with God and each other. We want to make it so you can understand how to live out your faith in your world. It is a chance to talk about stepping out and standing up for what you believe in.

We believe in a higher purpose and we want to put you in touch with your God-given potential...it's why we exist.  
For more information about current schedule please contact Erik Hallworth/Student Ministries Pastor - erik@recsac.org